Update on Medium Writer Bonuses Programme

Kashif Iqbal
2 min readJun 25, 2021

What it means for writers and the future course of action

In April of 2021, Medium started awarding $500 cash bonuses to writers with a large number of audience engagement, medium continued to give the bonuses in May. Medium recently started sending emails to creators clarifying some details about the bonus payments and stating that the last bonuses will be paid for June and July.

Email that Medium is sending to creators
Email that Medium is sending to creators

Medium is not the first platform that encourages writers to earn extra income for quality content, several other platforms such as Newsbreak, Vocal Media, BuzzFeed etc. are offering some huge cash bonuses to writers in their new competition.

Why are incentives important and what it means for the Medium writer's community?

Giving incentives to writers boosts content quality

Honestly, writing is a tough job and at times you lack the motivation to even start to jot down your ideas. I believe by giving writers incentives is a driving force for them to keep writing and give their best when writing articles.

Writers need recognition for their work, as the days pass getting views on Medium is getting harder and harder. By giving writers something to look forward to will not only enable them to produce engaging content but at the same time they will write more and hence deliver more stories for their readers.

All is not in vain: plans for the future

Medium has known to be sceptical in the past, but that hasn’t stopped writers from writing. In the email, Medium mentioned that it will be stopping this specific program however, in August, they’ll announce more writer programs and Partner Program updates. So for those of you who missed out Medium has similar stuff coming in the future

Final thoughts

I think it’s fantastic news! They’re obviously trying to find better ways to reward top writers but have meanwhile committed to the current bonus structure to give us all some stability until they’ve it all figured out.

Regardless of bonuses or not, it motivates me to keep writing and doing my best.

What do you think?

Does this motivate you to give your best in the coming weeks or do you find it frustrating that bonuses aren’t going to stay forever?

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